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ooc concrit post  
06:56pm 21/07/2022
So yeah...you know the drill. Give me all you got, I'd love to hear it! You can also reach me on either one of these.
If I'm not online on your hours (time difference is a bitch) you can gmail me and I promise- I ALWAYS answer.
Anon=on comments=screened so go ahead and feel free. Yuki's journal has one too ^^.

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022 [video]  
02:51pm 16/12/2009
[he looks curiously at the web cam for a few seconds, trying to figure out if it's in fact recording. It's his first time using one]

Oh...Hello everyone. I hope you are all well? [smile] I would like to thank you all for the lovely presents and well wishes- you are all far too kind.
[a short pause]
I have somewhat of a big announcement to make.

[a pink blond ball of energy now jumps in front of him. Glinda's head is practically glued to the camera as she yells] ELPHIE- MY ELPHIE IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE I'LL BE IN CHARGE OF EVERTHING DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT A THING! ALL OF HER FRIENDS- CONTACT ME SO WE CAN SCHEDUALE A PARTY TO CELEBRATE THE END OF HER MAIDENHOOD! OH OH I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!!! [and with that she bounces off, leaving a startled Orphe behind. He realizes he is sill being recorded and so he turns back to the camera]

Well...there you have it. Akito...I do wonder if I may have a word with you?

Have a good day, everyone! [feed ends]

[ooc: sorry this took so long guys school is killing me =_=]
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ooc: log  
10:15pm 07/12/2009
Who: Elphie and Orphe
What: a heart to heart
Where: their room
When: right now

[smiles and hands her a warm cup of tea before sitting down on the chair in front of her]
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08:06pm 28/11/2009
Good day to all, I hope you are all well?

Thankfully, things have somewhat settled down here. I must say I could have led a perfectly happy life without ever encountering this particular adventure.

Since there are people from so many worlds here, and Christmas is almost upon us, I have been wanting to ask...how do you celebrate Christmas, if you do in fact celebrate it? Different worlds are bound to have different traditions.
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04:20pm 06/11/2009
Good day to you all,
Do any of you enjoy singing? Miss Rachel is interested in forming a singing group. If you are interested, please send a sample of your singing for her to assess.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

[ooc: if your character doesn't have a character song or something feel free to put another song by the same actor, or by whoever you choose to represent your character by and we'll all pretend it's them <3]

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09:12pm 19/10/2009
Good day everyone,
The Halloween party is coming near- it is quite exciting. Have you all decided what to go as yet? I myself find myself still on the fence and time is running out...so I would appreciate any suggestions you may have, thank you.
Akito- I was  wondering if I could ask you something.

Preferably suggestions that would conveniently keep the lower region perfectly covered...perhaps a closed cape or a robe would do...I do not know if I would be able to handle Elphaba much longer...I must find some time to sleep during the day...perhaps when she is studying, then she will not notice...I cannot keep losing sleep like that it is not healthy...but with her pressed against me...oh for goodness sake what will I do?! I will not survive this...but I must keep her honor in tact. ...I will not survive this.

[ooc: ok first of all guys sorry I haven't been around much- I started school and I didn't have internet access in my dorms til right now. To make it up to you- here is my post of utter DOOM!!! you can't read the strikes~they're thoughts for amusement only :) just 'cause Adi told me a lot of people thought Orphe is asexual....and he's really far from it, he's just proper. If I feel generous I might put them up in comments too~ who knows~]

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09:56pm 11/10/2009
Good day, everyone.
Elphaba and I were picked up by Leo. This ship is certainly...different. I have not been here long and already I have stumbled upon the strangest of rooms.
Upon opening the door I had found another entrance, shaped like an open mouth of a tiger. And it spoke to me. It told me to state my name, and after I did, it instructed me to enter.
Inside...well there is no way to really describe it...endless treasure as far as the eye could see.
And also...something...or perhaps someone is more appropriate since it seems like it is...alive...has followed me out.

He flies. He is rather cute and seems rather attached to me...

[ooc: Orphe found the magic treasure cave from Aladdin! But it doesn't melt and kick you out if you touch the treasure. Though it is picky as to who goes in it. Also, the carpet is now his pet :)]

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ooc log: Orphe and Elphie: another date of doom!  
08:03pm 11/10/2009
Who: Elphie and Orphe
When: on this fine day
Where: the island they're stuck on
What: a date :)
Warnings: fluff alert

you will ruin my reputationCollapse )
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ooc log: dinner!  
04:45pm 16/09/2009

Who: Elphie and Orphe
When: evening of Elphie's first day on the SS Justice
Where: Orphe's room (he'll end up having one on every ship <<)
What: talking over dinner
Warnings: fluff fest

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07:25pm 15/09/2009
Good day.
To everyone aboard the Bloody Bunny Battle- I apologize. I will be taking a leave for awhile. I...require some time away.
America has kindly agreed to pick me up, so I will be on your ship if you should need me.
Thank you for your consideration.
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tags: america, bbb, going
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